Craig Nelson


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I specialize in enabling companies to more effectively market and sell. My experience is based on a variety of leadership roles including the growth of several start-ups that became successful public software companies. Each of the start-up companies and the customers we serve face similar challenges required in producing revenue in a predictable way. Overcoming these challenges led to the creation of the Sales Enablement Maturity ModelĀ® and Sales Enablement Blueprint which are disciplines that align marketing, sales and other customer facing departments to deliver on quarterly revenue objectives while putting in place a foundation for repeating sales success.

In 1998, Nelson's passion for enabling marketing and sales led him to register and subsequently co-found iCentera in 2003. Today, the iCentera sales enablement platform service is delivered over the internet to over 350,000 subscribers. In 2011, iCentera became part of CallidusCloud, a public software company focused on a broad range of sales performance and effectiveness solutions with a global presence in over 132 countries and the ability to address the enablement needs for companies of all sizes.