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Through my career, my success has always been my customer's success, helping them understand and overcome challenges in a complicated and quickly changing business world. It is that approach that has provided my greatest returns and outcomes. 

My role and my teams role as your trusted advisor is to:
• Understand your current sales processes, skills, challenges, weaknesses and strengths, from on-boarding a new rep to transforming the way your global team goes to market. 
• Develop strategies and solutions to help you take your sales team to the next level. 
• Give you the tools and insights to make critical decisions and steer your team to success. 

I have always been in “sales”, I started in retail, caught the bug and found that I excel for one simple reason. I have and always will put my customers first and giving of my skills and knowledge is natural; I ask questions, understand their business often better than they do, and am seen as an integral part of that business. I seek relationship nirvana, where I truly am part of my customer's team, your success is my success.