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​I am an enthusiastic, innovative, and disciplined problem solver with a proven track record of exceeding goals by bridging the gap between strategy and execution to turn vision into results, i.e., an Integrator. A few of my top accomplishments:

• Created an innovative, analysis driven sales enablement program to drive new client revenue growth for a Fortune 50 IT services company; created $17M in pipeline in first 6 months
• Increased sales from $300K to $1.1M in 12 months for a WOSB systems integration firm
• Raised $15K in 30 days to take deserving middle school students to national STEM competition:
• Led 100 intelligence analysts during production of +1,000 analytic products to drive counterinsurgency operations in Southwest Afghanistan

Proud to be recognized as the “go-to” guy for the highest priority, most difficult projects. With a Marine Corps’ focus on mission accomplishment, I reverse engineer success by backwards planning from the desired end state.

I get things done by:
• Clearly defining the goal and purpose
• Methodically developing a detailed plan of action
• Proactively leading diverse teams to complete the plan, ensuring they have the required resources
• Meticulously documenting the entire process to identify areas for improvement and capture best practices

I have a passion for business and technology, especially finding innovative ways to leverage technology to improve processes and operational efficiency.

Last but not least, I’m a Marine veteran continuing to serve by helping other transitioning veterans by:
• Leading by example as I strive for a successful career in B2B Tech Sales
• Voluntarily mentoring transitioning veterans on networking, personal branding, resume & LinkedIn profile writing, and job search strategies
• Breaking veteran stereotypes by showing the value we can bring to an organization​​