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I’m fascinated with digital transformation and technology, and the impact it has on simplifying the way people, businesses and societies function. It’s the thought leadership behind this ‘reimagining and disruption’ that attracts me most, which is why I find myself compatible with organizations that lead innovation and change.

As a versatile leader I’ve devoted the past 17 years building and running teams accountable for digital experiences, innovation, and profitability in global enterprises. As an entrepreneur/executive I co-founded ThinkBuildDeploy, a professional services company with a focus in strategy, consulting, technology and staffing. During my tenure through 2010, the company served clients such as Citrix, Omnicom, and Motorola, and developed the first electronic signature technology to prevent online payment fraud.

I’m passionate to connect with like-minded individuals who create opportunity and are driven by success. Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.