Dhruv Patel


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Throughout my career, I’ve worked in a number of different industries and roles, and this has made me adaptable, provided diverse marketing experience, and helped me to realize my strengths. Prior to SalesHandy, I worked at firm, serving as the marketing lead & Operations Manager, administering 25+ employees. Nearly three years later, I transitioned into SalesHandy to hone in on content marketing & niche marketing. 

I thrive in innovative organizations that breed strong cross-functional teamwork and break down barriers. I'm passionate about identifying, then delivering on customer needs, measuring success, and continually optimizing based on requirements. I believe that falling down is a part of moving forward. I like to identify why something failed, find the web of contributing factors, and then produce and monitor solutions.

Growth hacker & digital marketer. Loves the hustle & very passionate about life. You will always find the smile on this face. 
Love building Teams!!