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I am a passionate and creative leader with extensive experience in sales, sales operations, coaching, change management, program/project management, and meeting facilitation. 

While my most recent experiences are focused on sales & marketing operations, my entry into the operations world was in sales enablement roles.  The synergies and collaboration between sales enablement and operations is key to support a sales organization, and I look forward to connecting with other members of the SES!

A little about my background:
* 18 years of experience in sales, sales and marketing operations, business operations, GTM and fiscal year planning, sales compensation, program management, change management, coaching, training, and sales enablement.
* 6 years of experience as Sr. Director/Director in business operations, sales and marketing operations.
* International experience living in over six different countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and US.

If you would like to connect with me, please email me at: