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I am the Cofounder of Catalyst Sale based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Previous to founding Catalyst Sale, I was the Vice President of Global Sales at Safari Books Online. While at Safari, I created a position called "Director, Sales Enablement" to help me build a tightly coordinated marketing, growth, inside sales, field sales and sales operations team. I needed help connecting the dots, and doing the heavy lifting to help us operate efficiently and focus on a single set of metrics.

At Catalyst Sale, we build and manage sales teams. It is a comprehensive solution ranging from initial product market fit consulting, sales strategy planning for early stage companies, to managing sales teams directly and generating revenue. Our goal is to act as a Catalyst to help companies reach their next growth milestone. 

On a personal level, I am a member of Highlands Christian Church in Scottsdale and enjoy mentoring young professionals, both professionally and personally. My kids are now 19, 21 and 26 and my wife and I have always enjoyed working with high school and college age adults. I also mentor business students through the ASU WP Carey leadership program, and Catalyst Sale is an affiliate member of the ASU SkySong Community.

In my spare time, I enjoy time at our cabin in Heber where I have a workshop and several car projects. I'm a big fan of restoring 1970-1972 Datsun 240z's, and more recently have modified a 2005 Mini Cooper S for the track. Basically, if something burns gas, goes fast and handles like a go kart, I am a fan :-)