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I specialize in formulating growth strategies and implementing highly effective sales training and sales process improvements, primarily for Japanese, Korean and other Asia affiliated companies operating in the U.S. and U.S. companies in Asia. I partner with client organizations to help drive transformational changes that result in dramatic increases in sales, better customer service and scalable bottom-line growth. Multinational SMB and enterprise companies utilize me to quickly and effectively cut through the excuses and optimize the performance of their sales teams, service providers and channel partners. I simplify the complex and enable teams to achieve the seemingly unachievable. 

The majority of my 30-year career has been focused in the international arena, including 7 years as an expatriate in Japan and another 7 years living in Singapore and working throughout Southeast Asia. After repatriation to the U.S., I spent another 10 years commuting from New Jersey to Asia and India to create and manage multiple high-performance global sales organizations and develop successful partnerships with independent distributor networks for several large U.S. companies.

In addition to running highly successful businesses in Japan and Singapore, my professional experience includes a significant amount of time recruiting, training and leading amazing sales teams in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India and the Middle East. I served as a client-side leader on multiple consulting engagements with McKinsey & Company in Asia and excel in analytical, technical, creative and multicultural environments. My foreign language and Asian cross-cultural skills allow me to be equally at home in the United States or Asia. 

Reach out and let's have a discussion. I welcome all inquiries. • • Cell: 1-551-265-2928