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Leading at 90 Below Zero - Finding, Engaging and Keeping GREAT People

Mike Pierce - Antarctic Mike

Professional Speaker, Author

Mike Pierce, better known as Antarctic Mike, works with organizations that want to find, engage and keep the best performing people. Mike’s background professionally started in the recruiting business in 1997, working specifically to show managers and leaders exactly how to identify and recruit the best people. He now speaks across the US and Canada to executive teams, organizations, associations and sales teams about how to lead people so they are fully engaged in what they do.

Mike is an avid fan of polar expedition history and is an endurance athlete. In 2006, Mike became one of 9 people to run the first ever Antarctic Ice Marathon and a year later became the first American to run the Antarctic 100k, a grueling 62 miles on an ice shelf 600 miles from the South Pole.


Leading at 90 Below Zero will showcase proven principles that will increase your ability to effectively find, engage and keep the best people for your team. You will walk away from this program with specific action items that you can take back to your place of business and implement right away.

As an avid polar history fan and a two-time polar marathoner, Mike uses stories from Antarctic history, as well as his own personal adventures there, to showcase the points of the program. He will specifically focus on the leadership of Ernest Shackleton, who in 1914 led 28 men on what is considered one of the greatest undertakings and leadership stories in recorded history, when the men were stranded in Antarctica for two years.

Key themes:

  • How to leverage your story to attract the very best people.
  • Strengthening employee’s self-confidence and sense of discipline by helping them get to their “WHY.”
  • Enabling people to leverage their talents to their full potential in their respective roles in the organization.
  • Understanding how to reward and recognize people in a way that engages them more fully.
  • Employees being more engaged, productive and profitable.

Enablement Mastery: Aligning Your People, Processes, and Priorities

Elay Cohen

CEO and Cofounder, SalesHood

Elay Cohen is the CEO and Co-founder of SalesHood. He is the former Senior Vice President of Sales Productivity at Salesforce. Elay was recognized as the “2011 Top Executive” by Marc Benioff and credited for creating and executing all of Salesforce’s sales training and coaching programs that accelerated its growth from 500 million-dollar business to an enterprise worth more than 3 billion dollars. The innovative sales training and support delivered over these years by Elay’s team to thousands of sales professionals resulted in unprecedented hyper-growth. Elay authored the book SalesHood: How Winning Sales Managers Inspire Sales Teams To Succeed. Elay is a thought leader in the discipline of sales management and is sought after by the most successful CEOs. He is also recognized as a top innovative “Mover and Shaker” in sales leadership by Entrepreneur magazine and also recognized by LinkedIn as on of the world’s top sales experts. Elay is on a mission to improve and modernize how companies enable their people. Elay is working closely with the world’s most innovative companies and most forward thinking educational institutions. Together, they are changing the future of work.


Elay Cohen will walk the audience through a review of his latest book, Enablement Mastery focusing on how to create your enablement vision and align your planning to make enablement both EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT. He will provide practical examples and best practices from various enablement industry professionals that are leaders we can all learn from.

Elay will break down the five pillars of the Enablement Mastery Framework:

  1. Go-to-Market
  2. Learning
  3. Communications
  4. Customer Engagement
  5. Achievements

Elay will wrap up with practical steps to GET STARTED NOW and what resources, tools and community opportunities are available for ENABLEMENT MULTIPLIERS - THE CRAZY ONES!

Radical Changes in the Customer Journey Demands Radical Changes in Customer Engagement & NEW Key Performance Indices: SAP Reveals Their Approach to Embedding Social Behaviors in Their Selling Motion

Kirsten Boileau

Global Head of SAP's Social Selling Program

Kirsten Boileau, Global Head of SAP’s Social Selling program, will present the ‘WHY and WHAT IT TAKES’ to successfully transform an organization’s selling behavior.

Michael Labate

Head of SAP's Social Selling Operations and Program Development

Michael Labate, Head of Operations and Program Development, will present what it takes to get top-line executive sponsorship while at the same time creating a bottom-up movement that adopts Social Selling. In addition, Michael will present what inspired the Digital Sales Key Indices approach and WHY organizations that adopt Social need to seek additional performance insights beyond LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index.

Joel Le Bon, Ph.D.

Marketing & Sales Professor, Faculty Director for Leadership in Digital Marketing & Sales Transformation, Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School

Dr. Joel Le Bon, a leading professor amid sales faculty across academia, will demonstrate how Digital Sales Key Indices will help shape the future of sales performance management.


Changes in buying behavior over the past decade have put significant pressure on selling performance for organizations worldwide. Over the past five years, SAP has been transforming the behavior of its marketing and sales organization to leverage Social behaviors in order to meet the buying motion of its customers. Not only is the buyer today in much greater control of their journey, their peers are in control of the narrative--adding additional complexities in the customer engagement lifecycle. Given Social, competition no longer applies only with firm-to-firm, but also with firm-to-people. Executing a global digital sales transformation program that actually gets adopted and performs at 4 p.p. higher conversion rate and produces 3x larger deal sizes is anything but simple. The global Social Selling team of six experts at SAP unlock the formula behind this success to share with the sales enablement community. More than 14,000 people have been trained and enabled to leverage social behaviors at SAP in order to engage the modern buyer. And just like the Sales Enablement Society's global volunteer-based organization, SAP's 35 regional program managers and 250 global trainers that have helped make this success possible are also volunteers! SAP shares what it takes to create the right level of engagement within an organization that entices people to want to be part of the overall success of the Social Selling program.

But adopting new behaviors across thousands of people also requires new approaches to measuring sales performance. During the Sales Enablement Society’s ‘Experience Customer Engagement’ conference in Denver, SAP will unveil its unique Digital Sales Key Indices approach to stimulating changes in selling behavior—providing unprecedented insights to marketing and sales performance.

Scott Santucci and The Global Leadership Team

Jen Burns

Head of Global Sales Enablement

Michael Labate

Head of SAP's Social Selling Operations and Program Development

Nicole O’Brien

Director, Demand Generation, Marketing Communications, Marketing, Paya, Inc.

Scott Santucci

President & Chief Growth Catalyst at Growth Enablement Ecosystems

Tonya Schultz

Vice President, Sales Excellence, Elavon

Walter Pollard

President and Founder, Brand Fuzion


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