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Monday, September 17 ~ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Sales Leaders & Sales Enablement Leaders: Ying & Yang!

Rana Salman photo Rana Salman, Ph.D.

Founder, Salman Consulting LLC

Rana Salman, Ph.D. collaborates with sales, marketing, and enablement leaders to improve sales effectiveness. Rana has over 17 years of experience in marketing and sales and has spent a significant amount of her career as a sales consultant, working with midsize and Fortune 500 organizations. Rana leads Salman Consulting, LLC., which specializes in designing sales strategies, developing and humanizing the sales process, and creating practical content, tools, and training required to acquire, qualify, and close deals. Rana is a certified i4 trainer partnering with sales leaders to optimize their cognitive and behavioral performance.

Karen Kennedy photo Karen Kennedy

CEO, Insights to Growth

Karen is an expert in consultative, solutions oriented sales teams and in behavioral and cognitive assessments. For over 15 years she has transformed sales teams by creating benchmarks for sales roles and then attracting sales talent who fit the specific benchmark. Through the pragmatic application of behavioral science, Karen builds high performance sales teams.


Building alignment with sales leaders.
Understanding what drives them and environments they thrive in, which will help us in influencing their behavior, and meeting and exceeding their expectations.

From the Front Lines: Sales Enablement as a Catalyst for Sales Transformation

Hang Black

Senior Director of Global Sales Enablement, 8X8

Hang has over 25 years of diverse experience in the high tech industry, including engineering, product management, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, and sales. With this breadth, her passion is working between these teams to provide the field with curated content and efficient processes to develop elite sales teams. Prior to leading the global field and channel enablement team at 8x8, Hang had a substantial career at Cisco Systems in service provider and cloud, she built the sales enablement program from the ground up at a leading cybersecurity company, and she had her own consulting company where she acted as a strategic business development partner to implement sales process and field marketing engagement to drive business outcomes. Hang attended the University of Texas at Austin, earning a BS in Chemical Engineering during her time there. Personally, Hang enjoys exploring food, wine, travel, and outdoor adventures in random combinations with her two children.

Daniel Kuperman

Director of Product Marketing, MindTickle>

Daniel Kuperman leads product marketing for MindTickle. His work experience spans over 15 years of product marketing and sales enablement with several startups as well as bigger established companies such as HP. Daniel is a founding member of the Sales Enablement Society and holds a bachelor’s degree in systems Analysis (UNIP, Brazil) and an MBA in IT Strategy (Bentley University).


Modern and effective sales readiness is top of mind for virtually every innovative company today. Hang Black, the Sr. Director of Sales Enablement at 8X8, who is currently leading her sales teams’ new readiness efforts via modern sales enablement best practices and tools will lead this workshop where you will learn about:

  • Define and implement a sales enablement framework appropriate to where you are on your sales enablement journey
  • Change management strategies for your enablement transformation
  • Lessons learned and traps to avoid when garnering C-suite support for your strategy
These success factors are critical to transforming traditional sales training into sales enablement programs so that organizations can meet the increasing sales readiness needs of today’s fast-paced markets.


Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning

Donna McCurley

Director of Sales Enablement, Curvature

I've been a Sales Enablement leader in healthcare and IT organization for over twelve years, I design, build and execute Sales Enablement Programs, Sales Processes, Sales Onboading programs and go to market strategies from the ground up.

I've worked as a Sales and Marketing Consultant building Sales Leadership Programs for large Enterprise and SAAS based companies (e.g. McAfee, HPE, UBM, WorkFront). I help companies build efficient and effective on-boarding programs that work. My strength is aligning and involving all business units in the contribution of rep success. In addition, I have shot and produced over 50 sales videos for 12 companies.


Working with HR to develop sales roles and competencies is key to hiring the right people. The success of Sales Enablement involves teaming up with all departments to design, build and deliver relevant content. Communicating a well laid out plan and requesting every business unit to contribute to the success of sales reps enables fast growth. This combination creates a culture of 'Continuous Learning'. When people contribute they take ownership and appreciate being recognized. This approach allows reps to understand each business functionality, know which resources to involve, and reminds the company that everyone is responsible for ensuring sales reps are successful.

Creating The Building Blocks of Sales Enablement - A Systems Thinking Approach to Sales Performance Improvement

Mike Kunkle

Founder & Sales Transformation Architect, Transforming Sales Results, LLC

Mike Kunkle is a highly-respected sales transformation architect and internationally-recognized sales training and sales enablement expert. He’s spent 34 years in the sales profession and 24 years as a corporate leader or consultant, helping companies drive dramatic revenue growth through best-in-class learning strategies and his proven-effective sales transformation methodologies. Today, Mike is the founder and sales transformation architect for Transforming Sales Results, LLC. He consults, advises, writes, speaks, leads webinars, designs sales learning systems that get results, and guides clients through all aspects of their sales transformation.

Connect with Mike & Follow His Content
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How to establish a function that adds value and evolve toward a performance consulting approach. I will:

  • Describe the current state of Sales Enablement from multiple perspectives
  • Share my “Building Blocks of Sales Enablement” (a systems thinking & performance consulting foundation)
  • Further detail two systems that support Sales Readiness & Enablement
  • Discuss how to further evolve toward Performance Consulting, over time

Monday, September 17 ~ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Why It’s Time to Invest in an Embedded Sales Coach

Jenn Haskell photo Jenn Haskell

Director, Sales Enablement, Brainshark

Jenn Haskell is a sales enabler, trainer and coach. Delivering strategic and impactful sales training programs and best practice methods for learning and sales coaching.

Leveraging 20 years of experience in learning and development, Jenn has held various positions in corporate education, ranging from training specialist, instructional designer and sales training manager. She has designed and implemented world-class programs for leadership development, sales methodology and motivational techniques.

As the Director of Sales Enablement at Brainshark, she has delivered innovative sales training programs that promote mastery of skill through certification and peer to peer learning. Her programs drive sales effectiveness, accelerate revenues and demonstrate the importance of a sales enablement strategy that can bridge the gap between departments and put employees on the same path towards success. Jenn likes success, but likes the success of those around her more. She enjoys using the Brainshark solution to help new hires onboard successfully and become productive quicker, as well as promote an inspiring culture of continuous learning and development for all.

Beverlie Heyman photo Beverlie Heyman

Sales Enablement Manager, Brainshark

Bio coming soon.


Today’s sales cycles are complex due to competitive pressure, sophisticated buyers and an increased number of decision makers involved in the process. This means each “at-bat” your reps have must be effective in getting them closer to closing the deal.

Join Brainshark’s Jenn Haskell and Beverlie Heyman to hear why Investing in an embedded sales coach can increase your company close rates, while keeping reps prepared with the strategy, confidence and process to ensure deals close when forecasted.

This session will provide insights and ideas to help:

  • Provide context on how coaching improves your sales process
  • Identify (and justify) why an embedded sales coach can help your team
  • Establish best practices tied for coaching
  • Measure and report on coaching results


HPE's Sales Enablement Journey - "License to" Program Overview

Steven Hagler

Vice President, Learning Center of Expertise, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Steven Hagler is Vice President within Products, Services, and Solutions Enablement for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In this role he is responsible for the global strategy, development, and delivery of learning solutions essential to the sales & presales community within HPE and HPE's Channel Partners.

Steven’s objective is to equip HPE and HPE Channel sales professionals with the skillset to consistently and systematically lead valuable conversations with the right customer stakeholders at each stage of the customer's problem-solving life cycle thereby increasing sales results, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Previously, Steven was the Senior Director of HP’s Moonshot Business within the Americas Region. In this role he led the strategy, business development, and sales efforts for HP’s Moonshot products across the Americas through direct and indirect routes-to-market.

Steven joined HP in 1986 and spent 25 years in a wide range of leadership roles including Americas Director for Industry Standard Server Software. Within HP’s End-User Sales, his responsibilities spanned across all customer segments from SMB to Global Accounts. Steven has also held multiple channel leadership roles including National Director of HP’s Enterprise Server, Storage and Networking Distribution Sales, Director of HP’s Americas Channel Strategy, and Director of Reseller Sales.


Discussion about driving a comprehensive approach that spans across multiple organizations at a Fortune 500 company with global footprint and a sales force that has very large scale.

Revenue Efficiency 101: Driving Consistent and Predictable Interactions Across the Customer Journey

Jerry Pharr

Director of Field Readiness,

Jerry is a recovering sales rep. After 7 years carrying a bag at tech startups, he's spent the last 4 years leading enablement teams at even more tech startups. At Outreach he's responsible for equipping all sales and customer success teams with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to be effective. Jerry earned undergraduate degrees in Math and Philosophy from University of Kansas, and a masters degree in Rhetoric and Political Communication from The University of Texas at Austin.

Emily Blau

Sales Enablement Program Manager, Proofpoint

Bio coming soon.


The best way to drive revenue efficiency is to have consistency and predictability across the sales organization—to ensure that your sales teams are delivering consistent experiences to every customer throughout the customer lifecycle. Across all revenue-generating teams, our job should be to architect a customer engagement system that allows us to know with confidence that if we input X into the system, we’ll get Y results every time. In this session, you’ll get insights from two enablement leaders who have gone down the path toward revenue efficiency—and have the battle scars to prove it.

Does Your Sales Tools Portfolio Sizzle?!

Mat Singer

Senior Director of Sales Effectiveness, CenturyLink

Mat is an 11 year veteran and leader of global Sales Effectiveness at CenturyLink. He leads a large team responsible for sales execution, tools, change management, quote desk and more.


It provides guidance on how to effectively manage a multi-million dollar portfolio of sales tools

Monday, September 17 ~ 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Mission: Impossible-to-Forget Learning Experiences

Skip Tucker  photo Skip Tucker

Learning Instructor, SPASIGMA

After paying his way through college and graduate school with a combination of the G.I. Bill and as a radio disk jockey, Skip Tucker was ultimately wooed out of broadcasting and into business. He has conducted learning seminars for over 30 years and has spoken to groups all over the world. He is highly sought after because of his light-hearted yet informative speaking style. His past experience includes being the Director of Marketing for Metro Networks (Los Angeles), and the Director of European Operations for Lemco International, based in England. Skip’s clients have included Allied Signal Aerospace, American Power Conversion, AT&T, CVS Pharmacy, Halliburton, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, Hormel Foods, Lockheed Martin, M&M*Mars, Macromedia, McGraw Hill Publishing, Mobil Oil, Pacific Bell, Pepsi, Shell Oil, TRW, United Defense, all four branches of the Armed Forces, and the U.S. Department of Transportation.


Chances are your audience can recite scenes from season one of The Big Bang Theory word-for-word, but they can’t remember what an expert in their field tried to teach them earlier today. What makes content stick? Countless neuroscience studies confirm that “emotional events” or “memorable experiences” create long-term memories.

You need to create memorable experiences if you want your content to stick and maximize the ROI of your training budget. The good news is that there are multiple ways to create these memorable experiences that will make your content unforgettable.

In this session, you’ll learn what memorable experiences are and how to create them. Then, you’ll participate in a memorable learning experience by participating in a peer-to-peer exercise focused on negotiation training! This case study will reinforce basic negotiation tactics that you can use right away and share with your team to help drive more profitable deals. It will also help solidify the creation and use of memorable learning experiences! We hope you’ll join us!

Creating a Coaching Culture

Chad Dyar

Director of Sales Enablement, OnDeck

Chad T. Dyar is a Sales Ops and Enablement leader with over a decade of experience working all around the table in Revenue organizations. Currently, he is the Director of Sales Enablement at OnDeck. Recent initiatives include developing and co-facilitating two cycles of a Leadership Development program, creating the Coaching Olympics, and building out OnDeck’s initial tech stack.

Chad is a former performer in opera and musical theatre and a current Lean Six Sigma black belt. He is a frequent blogger, the author of How to Talk To Humans, a southern gentleman, and an arts evangelist.


The importance of a coaching culture - manager development

Two Steps Forward, Five Steps Back

Robert Rose photo Robert Rose

Chief Strategy Officer, The Content Advisory & Marketing Institute

Robert Rose is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of The Content Advisory – the education and advisory group of The Content Marketing Institute. As a strategist, Robert has worked with more than 500 companies including global brands such as Capital One, Dell, Ernst & Young, Hewlett Packard, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


On May 11, 1961 salesman Mike Dreschler was captured by a photographer getting ready to go to one of his sales calls. In order to get a competitive advantage, Mike had strapped himself into a pair of motorized roller skates. The single-horsepower, air-cooled engine was strapped to his back, and he held the clutch, accelerator and engine cut-off switch in his hand. This was technology-driven sales enablement in its finest form!

This session is going to be different. Join this entertaining and engaging presentation to hear from Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer at The Content Advisory Institute on how you can be the innovator, facilitator and change agent in your organization by overcoming the challenges of content collaboration, customer centricity, and common measurement.

The first 30 delegates to attend the session will receive a copy of Robert's latest book.

Panel Discussion - Helping or Hurting - with an estimated 50% of sales people at goal - is Enablement part of the Problem or Solution


Heather Cole photo Heather Cole

Service Director, Sales Enablement Strategies, SiriusDecisions

Heather brings more than 20 years of hands-on, b-to-b experience in a variety of disciplines including sales enablement, sales operations, field marketing and sales leadership. She has a passion for helping organizations define and execute on effective sales enablement strategies and has hands on expertise in developing sales learning, asset and communications programs for global b-to-b organizations.

Prior to joining SiriusDecisions in the Sales Enablement Strategy (SES) service, Heather was the Director of Sales Learning and Enablement for Wolters Kluwer where she led the enterprise sales effectiveness strategy focused on generating defined business results from enablement activities. Her focus included role-based learning programs, on-boarding, asset development, field enablement support center, messaging, field communication, as well as their annual kickoff meeting and leadership summits.

Heather also led several sales and marketing functions in the document technology industry in director roles at Ricoh, IKON and Pitney Bowes including enablement, field marketing, training and pre-sales discovery services.

Heather earned her BSBA from St. Louis University with a double degree in economics and international business.


Pat Lynch photo Pat Lynch

VP Enablement Excellence & Innovation,  MindTickle

Pat’s responsibilities include Sales Enablement and Channel Partners for MindTickle, the premier Sales Readiness Platform for Sales and Enablement organizations. His sales experience consists of direct sales, sales enablement, sales management, and sales consulting. He has worked for companies like CSO Insights, FedEx Office, Ricoh and Xerox. He obtained his Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma while at Xerox. His volunteer work includes serving as a mentor with Galvanize – which helps start-up companies take flight, as well as serving on the Board of the Spitzer Center for Ethical Leadership.

Pat graduated from Gonzaga University (Go Zags!) and resides in Denver Colorado.


Elay Cohen

CEO and Cofounder, SalesHood

Elay Cohen is the CEO and Co-founder of SalesHood. He is the former Senior Vice President of Sales Productivity at Salesforce. Elay was recognized as the “2011 Top Executive” by Marc Benioff and credited for creating and executing all of Salesforce’s sales training and coaching programs that accelerated its growth from 500 million-dollar business to an enterprise worth more than 3 billion dollars. The innovative sales training and support delivered over these years by Elay’s team to thousands of sales professionals resulted in unprecedented hyper-growth. Elay authored the book SalesHood: How Winning Sales Managers Inspire Sales Teams To Succeed. Elay is a thought leader in the discipline of sales management and is sought after by the most successful CEOs. He is also recognized as a top innovative “Mover and Shaker” in sales leadership by Entrepreneur magazine and also recognized by LinkedIn as on of the world’s top sales experts. Elay is on a mission to improve and modernize how companies enable their people. Elay is working closely with the world’s most innovative companies and most forward thinking educational institutions. Together, they are changing the future of work.


Paul Ironside

CEO - Commercial Tribe

Greg Flynn

Chief Executive Officer, Brainshark

David Keane

CEO/Managing Director, Bigtincan


Panel Discussion - Helping or Hurting - with less 50% of reps at goal - is Enablement part of the Problem or Solution

Tuesday, September 18 ~ 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Help Your Sellers Fill Funnels & Shorten Sales Cycles to Drive New Revenue & Become More Valuable to the Organization Faster: Introducing Easy, Proven Ways to Avoid 3 Killer Selling Mistakes!

Chris Bennett photo Chris Bennett

Consultant, Chris Bennett Sales Training

Chris Bennett has been awarded the Rotary Club Volunteer of the Year twice for his work with high school kids. He has also received the Paul Harris Fellowship award and has been a finalist in The Best Facilitator of the Year award. He is highly energized, practical & results focused. His easy to learn, easy to apply proven strategies and tactics have produced over $1 Billion in revenue for his clients. For 26 years Chris has helped; RBC, Bell, TELUS, Cisco, Dimension Data, CDW, SHI, Compugen, PCM, CompuCom, Sun Life, Great West Life, Allstream, Softchoice, Edoc Software, AT&T and others and the focus is on core selling skills sales pros use daily. His tools naturally compliment all sales methodologies. He takes great pride in helping to measure for ROI and has dozens of reference letters that speak to hard measurable business impact.


To help enablement pros become MORE EFFECTIVE in their roles in less time and make a BIGGER IMPACT on the organization. Discover THE BIG 3 common killer selling mistakes and learn quick, easy ways to enable their sellers to avoid making them. In this way sellers and channel partners become more valuable to their organizations faster and ramp to full production faster.

Do Better Work

Bryan Naas

Director of Sales Enablement, Lessonly

Bryan is a leader in Sales Enablement with more than 15 years combined experience in sales and learning design. With roots in public education, Bryan cultivated a love for learning and sales to take on leadership roles in both small and large software companies. Currently the Director of Sales Enablement at Lessonly, Bryan drives strategy and execution to ensure the whole company is prepared to successfully sell the Lessonly message and brand.


Change at work is happening at a breakneck pace. Working and training are no longer discrete events—they happen simultaneously. Sales teams must adapt to win in highly competitive environments, and they need a practical, time-tested approach to help them do it.

Bryan will share an analysis of how more than a million employees learn, practice, and perform at work; alongside interviews from sales leaders at companies like Amazon, Paypal, Hubspot, GE and LinkedIn. It’s time to reimagine team training—and do better work—together.


  • How to achieve goals by using uncomfortable situations
  • Why high-fidelity learning is destroying productivity
  • How to use learning to cut your onboarding time by 50%


Mastering Cross-Collaboration & Busting Silos to Promote a Customer Focused Culture

Kristy West

Founder, Improv Facilitator, Speaker, BraveSpace

Kristy West is an Applied Improv Facilitator, Speaker, and President of the Atlanta SES Chapter. She has been performing and teaching improv for almost two decades. Along with her improv experience, Kristy spent over 15 years in B2B Sales and Corporate Training. She blends her unique experience in improvisational comedy, sales, and corporate training to help teams and individuals practice critical communication skills in a brave space.

Today, she helps organizations tap into the power of team collaboration and soft skills to discover alternative ways to think and react in a variety of business situations, developing critical communication skills and techniques to expand collaboration, innovation, and inclusion.


In this session, we will cover the following principles for promoting a culture of true collaboration through interactive discussion and live practice of skills conducive to cross-collaboration themes. This is highly interactive with groups and pairs working together.

  • Lead by Example- A Collaborative mindset starts from the top.
  • Trust and Empowerment-True collaboration means, get out of the way!
  • Collaboration benefits the individual and the customer.
  • Inclusivity-Give everyone a voice, make them a part of the build.
  • Measure it-Tie collaboration to performance and support it.
  • Making Collaboration a corporate initiative.

Tuesday, September 18 ~ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Tips and Tricks I Learned Deploying Sales Enablement Automation at an Enterprise Technology Company

Steve Hanson photo Steve Hanson

Director of Pre-Sales, Bigtincan

Steve Hanson is the Director of Pre-Sales for Bigtincan, and a 25-year veteran of the software industry. Steve brings a breadth of experience across Marketing, Sales, Partner Management and Technical Alliances. Steve has helped various large technology organizations bring solutions to market as an advocate across Service Management, Content Management, and Sales Enablement.


Tips and Tricks I Learned Deploying Sales Enablement Automation at an Enterprise Technology Company Deploying a new technology or sales tool, and managing it going forward, can be intimidating. Managing expectations, strategizing cultural change management, planning user training, and integrating to existing technology stacks can be overwhelming.

No one knows more about the pain of taking on the challenges of Sales Enablement Automation than Steve Hanson, former Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager at (huge IT company name excluded to protect the guilty) and current Director of Product Marketing at Bigtincan.

In this dynamic session, get insight to the successes of (and see the scars behind) the implementation of a Sales Enablement Automation platform, including:

  • Questions to ask before you start
  • Choosing the right solution for your organization; how to get the most out of it
  • Key principles for managing a Sales Enablement solution
  • Tips and tricks for optimizing your Sales Enablement platform deployment


Customer Engagement: Solving the Gap between Buyer Preferences and Seller Behaviors

Tamara Schenk

Research Director, CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group

Tamara Schenk is research director at CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group, where she is focused on global research on all things sales enablement, CX and sales effectiveness. She is, together with Byron Matthews, the co-author Sales Enablement – A Master Framework to Engage, Equip, and Empower a World-Class Sales Force. She enjoyed twenty-five years of experience in sales, business development, and consulting in different industries on an international level. Before becoming an analyst in a research director role in 2014, she had the pleasure to develop sales enablement from an idea to a program and a strategic function at T-Systems, a Deutsche Telekom company where she led the global sales force enablement and transformation team.


The session addresses the gap between buyer preferences (their view based on our 2018 Buyer Preferences Study) and buyer engagement (based on our 2018 Sales Enablement Study) and how to solve the problem: How to focus enablement efforts in a way that salespeople are engaged, equipped and empowered to be effective when it comes to engaging the modern buyer at each stage of the customer's path.

From Trainer to Coach: Establishing a True Partnership with Sales Managers

Liz McCormick photo Liz McCormick

Director, Sales Manager Enablement & Effectiveness, Pegasystems

Liz McCormick is a sales enablement practitioner, currently Director of Sales Manager Enablement & Effectiveness at Pegasystems, where she focuses on accelerating the performance of front line sales managers through coaching, strategy, and practical application of sales methodologies since joining in 2015. Liz has more than 15 years of success representing the “voice of sales” to corporate leadership and partnering with sales leaders to utilize proven selling techniques and driving global sales enablement and effectiveness programs. Prior to joining Pegasystems, Liz spent nine years at Iron Mountain leading teams in sales enablement, marketing, and field effectiveness, and was a breakout session speaker at the 2017 Sales Enablement Society National Conference. A Cincinnati native, Liz has lived in the Boston area for 15 years.


To make change happen and improve performance in a sales organization, Front Line Sales Manager partnership is critical. At the same time, even the most successful Sales Enablement practitioners can be perceived as the “person doing the training” in the eyes of sales leaders. This makes a true partnership—and driving change— a challenge. To become a true partner to Sales Managers, Sales Enablement practitioners must play many roles—strategist, coach, therapist, and, of course, trainer. From one practitioner to another, learn and discuss real-life strategies and tactics that you can adopt right away, including:

  • What to say (and what not to say) in your first conversation with a Sales Manager to establish credibility
  • How to support many Sales Managers with varying tenures with limited resources
  • What to do when you receive constructive feedback from a Sales Manager
  • How to “coach to coach;” partnering with your Sales Managers to drive change

Tuesday, September 18 ~ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Idea Mints presented by SES practitioners

Gerhard Gschwandtner

CEO, SellingPower

Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and Publisher of Selling Power magazine, author of 16 books, organizer of the Sales 3.0 Conference, Founding member of SES, creator of the Peak Performance Mindset training program, creator of over 1,000 sales video interviews.

Sheevau Thatcher

Head of Global Sales Enablement, Ring Central


Jen Burns

Head of Global Sales Enablement, Revinate


Bruce Campbell

Director of Sales Enablement, Sage/Intacct


Paul Bickford

Global Training, Sales Enablement and Leadership, Oracle


Ahmed Mahnound

Sales Enablement Director, NXP


Mo Schlick

Sales Enablement Manager, IBM


Liz McCormick

Systems Director , Global Sales Enablement, Pega


Bethany Atkinson

Systems Director , Global Sales Enablement, Pega


Shawn Fowler

Sales Enablement Manager, SalesLoft


Patricia Crowell

Channel Enablement Manager, IBM

Christopher Kingman

Director of International Enablement, TransUnion

Daryl Spreiter

VP Global Enablement,



Members will be able to share best practices and win an award

Unlocking Sales Velocity In a Time of Disruption: Digital Sales Transformation at CenturyLink

Patrick Morrissey photo Patrick Morrissey

CMO, Altify

Patrick Morrissey is the Chief Marketing Officer at Altify, responsible for all aspects of marketing as well as channels and alliances. Prior to joining Altify, he was CRO of Simpplr, where he managed the sales, marketing and customer success organizations, delivering 100% annual growth. Previously, Patrick held multiple executive positions at Salesforce, running both industry marketing and building out the vertical industry ISV channel and alliance team. Earlier in his career Patrick held executive roles at DataSift, Savvion and Business Objects.

Mat Singer

Sr. Director, Sales Effectiveness, CenturyLink

Bio coming soon.


Companies across all industries are being disrupted by digital transformation. From new market entrants to technology innovation to mergers and acquisitions, sales organizations are being forced to rethink how they sell and service customers to win the deals that matter and drive lasting customer value. This session will explore market trends and their impact on sales, sales ops and sales enablement. The session will also take an inside view into sales transformation at global scale at CenturyLink Communications. Come to this session for insights across multiple industries, hard lessons learned, and best practices to drive revenue and sales success.

10 Steps to Launching a Digital Sales Enablement Program

Mario Martinez, Jr.

CEO, Co-Founder and Digital Sales Evanelist, Vengreso

Mario is the CEO and Co-founder of Vengreso. He spent 83 consecutive quarters in B2B Sales and Leadership roles growing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue annually.

Mario is one of 20 sales influencers invited to appear in the Salesforce documentary film “The Story of Sales” launched in 2018. He is recognized as the Number 1 Top Sales Performance Guru in the world, named 2018’s Top 10 Sales Influencers by The Modern Sales Magazine, 2018’s Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professional and in 2017 listed as the 6th Most Influential Social Selling Leader globally.

As a renowned digital sales evangelist, Mario teaches marketing and sales professionals how to develop an engaging personal brand to attract today’s modern buyer using the digital sales ecosystem. Mario is the host of the popular Selling With Social Podcast. He’s been featured in Forbes, INC., the and the Huffington Post. He’s a highly sought-after Keynote Speaker with brands such as LinkedIn, SAP, and Cisco. He is also known to open a speech with a Salsa dance.


Taken from when I sat in the seat 2.5 years ago as the VP of sales, in this session I share the secret to driving 100% rep adoption and how to get 100% of your reps to add a sales opportunity into their sales pipeline through digital selling. I will share what I launched with 120 US domestic Sellers which caused LinkedIn to invite me to speak at their annual users conference in Oct. 2015. During this session, you learn the 10 steps every sales and marketing organization must go through to implement a digital selling program whether it's with LinkedIn, Video or ... You fill in the blanks. The formula is still the same!

Tuesday, September 18 ~ 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Stop herding cats. Aligning Product Marketing with Sales

Robby Halford

Director Sales Enablement, Malwarebytes

Robby has work to build multiple sales enablement programs from scratch in large and small enterprise organizations. He is currently completing his Ed.D in Instructional System Technology from Indiana University with a focus on effective sales ramp programs.


  1. Disjointed Go-to-Market rollout
  2. Unpredictable product enablement for sellers

Sales Enablement Manager

Meagan Davis

Business Development, Sales Enablement, GAN Integrity

At 26, Meagan is leading the 300 member Positions workgroup for the Sales Enablement Society that has developed internal member roles. Meagan has recently been appointed as Sales Enablement Manager at the compliance technology company, GAN Integrity. An avid entrepreneur, she is also the founder of Disarm your Heart, a platform aligning and elevating other entrepreneurs through an interview series and social amplification.


Learn about member experience in the Sales Enablement Society from the perspective of new members to the Society. A diverse group of members will share their expectations and evolution through active engagement in the society within workgroups and chapters. Help us celebrate the value of the SES and start thinking about your experience will be!

Driving Sales Results with Predictable, Consistent and Repeatable Sales Enablement Initiatives

Joseph Fung photo Joseph Fung

Co-Founder & CEO, Kiite

Joseph is the Co-Founder & CEO of Kiite, the world’s first Intelligent Sales Coach. A graduate of the University of Waterloo’s Computer Engineering program, Joseph’s a repeat Founder & CEO with multiple successful exits, and speaks frequently on the topics of diversity and corporate social responsibility.

He is an active early-stage investor who ensures that the majority of his investments are into women-led companies. Joseph is also active in his local community, sitting on the boards of Communitech, an innovation hub, and the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.


Sales Enablement often occupies a challenging space between Marketing and Sales, and are tasked with filtering and transforming the content that is most useful during the sales process. Joseph Fung of Kiite will share how Sales Enablement teams can use AI to:

  • identify the most-needed pieces of microcontent
  • break down marketing content into more consumable pieces for Sales and
  • deliver microcontent through existing technologies and workstreams


Driving Sales Results with Predictable, Consistent and Repeatable Sales Enablement Initiatives

Pam Dake

Senior Director, Global Sales Enablement, ForgeRock

Pam is a results-driven, dynamic and collaborative leader of global cross-functional teams with a proven track record of managing and directing change initiatives including strategy development, execution, and long term, sustained support. An experienced, articulate presenter who is well-versed in sales enablement practices, management coaching, and sales skills training, Pam has started and elevated the sales enablement organization at several companies to be able to quantitatively and qualitatively measure the increase in the Sales team’s effectiveness as a result of launching sales enablement initiatives.


Sales Enablement, when strategically planned and sufficiently supported with resources (tools and people), can be a strong driver of ongoing, long-term Sales success.

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