Guiding Principles
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The Sales Enablement Society is organized as a network of many different connected groups of people all over the world. Our members participate in LinkedIn discussions, exchange information with each other on our platform, get together in local chapter meetings, pick up the phone and call each other, get together at events, and convene at our conference.

Our growth, energy, and engagement are all by-products of our organizing structure. We are a network of volunteers. Virtual teams form and disband to create value the rest of us can use. As we grow, we all need to understand how important culture is to a community. We believe that we’re in a market of extreme change and volatility. During uncertain times, the best things to have is a safe place to ask the questions you can’t at work or experiment with different techniques before bringing them back to work.

As we look to anchor what we’ve established – we need to make sure we clearly communicate the core operating system that allows our network to thrive. It is imperative that every member not only understand these guiding principles but also works diligently to protect them. Why? Without them – we have no culture and then we lose our guidance system. With them, we are a strong vibrant force.

We reference these principles before meetings or while interacting with members. Our leadership has a clear expectation that members follow the principles or choose to leave the society.

Guiding Principles Chart
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