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The SES created this new webinar series focused on the latest trends and challenges facing Sales Enablement. Although the concept and practice of sales enablement are gaining traction, for many organizations, it’s not clearly defined or misunderstood. SES plans to assemble the industry’s most knowledgeable professionals to share success stories, unpack challenges, and dive into any topic that viewers feel is important. Please look for SES emails, LinkedIn posts, and announcements on to save your spot for future webinars in this series.

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Learn from your Sales Enablement peers, as well as industry thought leaders in academia and research, about enabling growth in your organization.

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Join us on Wednesday, June 24th, at 7:00 am PST/ 10:00 am EST/ 4:00 pm CET to listen and participate in our Global All Hands call, brought to you by the Sales Enablement Society—the world’s largest non-profit professional organization dedicated to the profession of Sales Enablement, with more than 7,300 members across 57 chapters in 19 countries.

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The Global All Hands Call is brought to you by the Sales Enablement Society, the world’s largest non-profit professional organization dedicated to the profession of Sales Enablement, with more than 7,300 members across 55 chapters in 21countries.

On March 4, SES provided updates from the Executive Board along with guest interviews from the SES community. Walter Pollard, CEO of Brand Fuzion, and Tamara Schenk, Industry Research Leader & SES Board Advisor discuss the Top 5 Sales Enablement Trends for 2020.

Craig Nelson provided his insight on 'Changing the Corporate Mindset - An Inside Look at Enterprise Sales Enablement.

Lastly, Juliana Stancampiano, President of SES and CEO of Oxygen along with Ceil Tilney, Senior Director, GTM Enablement of Grand Rounds present Role Based Success Stories and Tips from SES Practitioner Members.

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Sales managers might be the missing link to your sales enablement success. “Get sales management onboard” is the primary response from sales enablement practitioners when asked about their biggest challenge. It’s also one of the key findings from our research during the Sales Enablement Annual Conference this past year and aligns with the many practitioners we speak with every day.

Effectively enabling your sales managers is vital to the success of your sales enablement program. Successful adoption of a sales enablement program requires sales manager support and involvement before you initiate your programs for sales reps. Sales managers are essential to this process and need a holistic view of sales enablement programs to provide impactful support to sales reps.

In this webinar, we provide you with a sound framework to get sales management support for sales enablement programs - an essential practice that many organizations overlook entirely and one that others still fail to execute well.

  • Explore why sales manager support is critically important. Sales Enablement supports the sales team to move buyers to a decision point. While individual sellers are a primary customer, the sales managers are critical stakeholders as you seek to elevate their team’s performances.
  • Share the tactics BTC uses internally to gain Sales Management buy-in (How we create value and effectively enable our Sales Managers, Where our clients have success and areas they have challenges, How to effectively incorporate a sales manager framework within your organization)
  • Discuss why managing change can be a hidden challenge. If you create the best Sales Enablement program in the world, and no one uses it, does it help your business? As humans, we are mostly risk-averse and will not embrace change unless we have to do so. Your Sales Manager’s support is a critical lever many overlooks to incentivize the new behaviors sales enablement is trying to bring into reality.

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John Moore, Bigtincan

I focus on driving awareness of a results-driven approach to Enablement: Revenue Enablement (Sales, Marketing, and Customer Care, All Go-To-Market Teams). Together, we can make our Enablement efforts transformational for our businesses.

-The Collaborator

Jack Martin, Bigtincan

Jack graduated from High Point University in 2018 and started at Bigtincan a month later. Jack started as a Sales Development Representative and worked in that position for a year. With a desire to go into the marketing side of the business, Jack switched into the role of Sales Enablement on the marketing team and has been working to enable the team for about 6 months.

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Building an enterprise sales enablement practice from scratch or enhancing an existing program both have their challenges—but how do you ensure that your efforts and investments result in an efficient, effective sales enablement initiative that inspires your organization and delivers ROI?

Fostering the organizational buy-in needed to drive critical cross-functional alignment is imperative in creating a thriving corporate culture—and one that supports sales enablement programs.

Please join the Sales Enablement Society for an insightful webinar entitled: “How HubSpot Drives Sales Enablement Effectiveness Through Its Unique Company Culture,” featuring Andrew Quinn, Vice President of Sales Productivity and Enablement for HubSpot. The session will be moderated by Tamara Schenk, Research Director at CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group.

Learn how Andrew Quinn and his SP+E team have built their own unique strategy for enablement: creating a plan that drives sales enablement effectiveness through its organization and infuses it into its internal company culture.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to establish a charter or a set of sales enablement objectives, that drives effective decision-making for successful sales enablement execution.
  • The key ingredients of successful sales enablement initiatives.
  • The components that organizations need to implement to foster the adoption of a successful sales enablement program.
  • Three core buckets of work that must be continuously applied to the sales enablement initiative that will ensure its continued success.
  • To strategically align divisions within your organization and drive cross-functional corporate alignment.

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Andrew Quinn, Vice President of Sales Productivity and Enablement, HubSpot

Andrew Quinn is Vice President of Sales Productivity and Enablement for HubSpot. The SP+E Team he leads is laser focused on improving a seller’s ability to close quality deals as quickly and effectively as possible by continuously removing friction through real-time tools, content, education and effective change management leading to a happier, more productive and efficient sales team.

Andrew and his team accomplish this through effective execution with the platforms, processes and programs needed to drive rep and manager enablement. The SP+E team plays a key role in providing the direction, guidance and resources necessary to align all teams who can and/or should play a role in initiatives that impact the HubSpot sales team. The SP+E team curates subject matter expertise and the information assets sellers need to take on knowledge and skill while also providing instruction, guidance and direction through tools, resources and self-directed development. The team provides Sales Managers, Directors and VPs with the resources and tools they need to direct and manage their team’s performance and development.

Andrew has been at HubSpot since 2009. Prior to running HubSpot’s productivity and enablement efforts, he was Vice President of Learning and Development for HubSpot. Andrew has over 25 years’ experience in in sales, management and training with Fortune 500 companies and startups including Verizon, Microsoft and

Tamara Schenk, Research Director, CSO Insights

Tamara Schenk is research director at CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group, where she is focused on global research on all things sales enablement and sales effectiveness. She is, together with Byron Matthews, the co-author of Sales Enablement – A Master Framework to Engage, Equip, and Empower a World-Class Sales Force.

She enjoyed twenty-five years of experience in sales, business development, and consulting in different industries on an international level. Before becoming an analyst in a research director role in 2014, she had the pleasure to develop sales enablement from an idea to a program and a strategic function at T-Systems, a Deutsche Telekom company where she led the global sales force enablement and transformation team. Tamara is a member of the Sales Enablement Society’s advisory board.


When you’re creating or expanding your sales enablement function, securing executive buy-in and sponsorship from the c-suite is essential to effectively building a sustainable sales enablement program to scale. Regardless of whether you're in a startup, mid-market or enterprise business, you must demonstrate value and ROI as well as define the future state of your program.

Although sales enablement is gaining traction in the business arena, for many organizations it’s not clearly defined or misunderstood. Sales enablement practitioners must provide executives with the purpose and benefits of an enablement program to create adoption and drive growth.

In this webinar, Hugh Redford, RVP, Commercial Enablement from Seismic and Christopher Kingman, a senior-level sales enablement practitioner and leader from the Sales Enablement Society, will provide you with a roadmap to help communicate and demonstrate the value of a sales enablement program that aligns with your executive’s desired strategic objectives.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop a defined sales enablement strategy based upon the needs and expectations of your executives
  • Align your program to both short-term and long-term goals and objectives
  • Clearly define your program and outcomes
  • Speak the language of your executive audience
  • Develop short-term wins to quickly scale your sales enablement program
  • Communicate ROI in more ways than just revenue
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Hugh Redford, RVP, Commercial Enablement

Hugh leads the Commercial Enablement effort at Seismic. Hugh and his team oversee the Seismic@Seismic story, ensuring Seismic's internal sales enablement program helps set the industry standard for the rapidly evolving and maturing practice. Prior to joining Seismic, he held a series of growth-oriented operational and consulting roles ranging from small companies to the Fortune 100, covering industries including Retail and ecommerce, Energy, Hospitality, Medical Devices, and Technology. He moonlights as an overbearing sports dad to an Australian Shepherd mix.

Christopher Kingman, Sales Enablement Trailblazer • Founding Member of SES Bold Enablement leader bringing innovation and dexterity to the modern business landscape

Christopher Kingman is a driven and dynamic professional dedicated to helping others succeed. He is adept in developing others and offers a fresh perspective to business development through technical knowledge and strategy vision coupled with remarkable sales and enablement acumen. As an enablement expert, Chris is a proven leader in guiding organizations to turn their dreams into profitable realities. And with more than a decade of experience across multiple fields, Chris provides the understanding, structure and technological and cultural skills a company needs to succeed. He is a founding member of the Sale Enablement society, Forbes contributor and Professional Writer.

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