Forrester SES Survey is now live

By Emma Herro posted 08-05-2022 14:17

The Forrester Sales Enablement Society Survey is designed specifically for all SES members. Initial results will first be made available at the Sales Enablement Society Experience conference in September 2022, and in subsequent SES events, both live and virtual.  

The survey experience has five main sections. All questions are optional, but of course we appreciate your thorough participation. The overall survey should take approximately 10-20 minutes to complete, depending on the questions you answer. All responses are CONFIDENTIAL and are reported only in aggregate form; individual data is NEVER shared with any other party.
Thank you in advance for participating in this survey and we look forward to seeing you at the SES Experience 2022 conference. 

Take the survey here!

Kind regards, 
Your Forrester Decisions Sales Enablement research team: 

Jennifer Bullock, Principal Analyst 
Peter Ostrow, VP/Research Director
Eric Zines, Principal Analyst
Alex Schanne, Researcher