Mission & Values

Our Mission

To elevate and evolve the profession resulting in both company and individual growth. We do this by harnessing the power of collective thought and experience, openly sharing through our global community.

How We Implement Our Mission

  • Provide forums for members to respectfully exchange and debate ideas
  • Educate members and organizations for growth and alignment
  • Driving research for development of our members and the acceleration of enablement
  • Maturing and evolving the field with the insight from customers, members, analysts, partners and academia
  • Provide resources for professional career development and opportunity
  • Bringing forward opportunities for career advancement

Our Values

  • Growth Mindset: We are all here to get better and embrace curiosity
  • Shared Economy: Giving and learning from one another
  • Inclusivity: We openly invite in and hear all points of view from all people
  • Collaboration: Working together to evolve and create
  • Members/Volunteers: We exist to service and support our global community as help is needed