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Sales Enablement Society has built the largest network of sales enablement professionals around the world and continues to experience unprecedented organic growth year over year. Started in 2016, it has grown to 11,000+ members worldwide, with an average of 150 new member requests per month. The SES global network is a strong, involved and inclusive community of practitioners, analysts, academics and solution providers who are committed to supporting each other professionally through discussion, connection and engagement. The SES has established itself as the go-to resource for premium education and connection for sales enablement professionals in all stages of their career; novice and junior through mid and senior levels.

As the largest global non-profit organization for sales enablement, SES is proud to maintain their stance as a trusted, unbiased source of education, content and data for practitioners, while working with 

Through corporate partnerships, SES has been able to provide a global forum for members to connect, grow and exchange ideas. Collectively, they help evolve the profession by driving research for development of the sales enablement function, educate members and organizations for growth and alignment and help enable companies’ and individuals’ success.

This prospectus outlines sponsored engagement opportunities for partners in 2023. A partnership with SES provides a tremendous platform for your organization to showcase your solution and expertise, position yourself as a leader in the sales enablement space before thousands of practitioners and leaders, and connect with prospects, your customers and decision makers in a way unlike any other.

Fill out the Partner Sponsorship Request Form if you would like to partner with us and one of our SES team members will reach out to you.