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By Joanna Velarde posted 13 days ago



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Joanna Velarde
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(Rancho Cucamonga, CA, May 2022) Sales Enablement Society (SES) is pleased to announce that Mo Schlick has been named as its first President. Filling this new full-time role marks a milestone achievement in the organization's continued expansion.  As President, Schlick will be directly responsible for maintaining and growing SES’s role and presence as the largest non-profit supporting Sales Enablement professionals globally. 

Schlick brings a unique diversity of experience to the SES Presidency, drawing from an extensive background in global sales enablement along with early non-profit work outside of B2B sales.  In 2010, as a senior instructional designer at ADP, she was recruited internally to join its first specialized sales enablement organization.  "Just as digital marketing and new data technologies were transforming the sales profession, we were learning back then that Sales needed to be supported in new, more strategic ways, '' Schick shared. Since then, Mo has held leadership positions in sales enablement, sales learning, sales operations, and product marketing, working for companies like One Call Care Management, YP, Bloomberg, and most recently, FIS leading global Sales Leadership Training.  Prior to her career in B2B sales, Schlick worked in the Washington D.C. non-profit sector doing grassroots and grass-tops organizing for campaigns such as American Association of University Women, 2004 March for Women's Lives.

Within SES, Schlick served as the New York City Chapter President for three years prior to joining the SES Board of Directors in 2020.  She steps down as Board Secretary to take on this new role.  “Since the start of the Society the growth of Sales Enablement professionals has been fast and furious, and we have seen that change," commented Juliana Stancampiano, SES Board President and CEO at Oxygen. " I am thrilled with the depth of background that Mo brings us from her non-profit experience and years of sales enablement roles. The qualifications for this role were tricky and in Mo we found someone that will strongly lead the society forward.”  

"For so many in our profession SES has represented a unique place for problem solving, creativity, and connection. Our members have volunteered their time, insights and expertise and enriched their own careers in the process", said Schlick.  A major goal this year is to increase and diversify the opportunities for members to connect and contribute. In this way, we strengthen our community and ensure continuity for future generations of sales enablers.

About the Sales Enablement Society (SES):

SES is the largest global non-profit organization for sales enablement professionals with over 10,000 members across 59 chapters in 29 countries. SES’ mission is to elevate and evolve the profession resulting in both company and individual growth, accomplished through harnessing the power of collective thought and experience, openly sharing through the global community.