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I HAVE A PASSION & DRIVE for enabling people to bridge the gap between where they are and where they need to be. This way of working has always been a keystone in my roles over the past 20 years. I believe people can change and continuously learn if they are shown the way and supported on their learning journey. I'm highly energetic and have an agile approach.

Starting in Sales, primarily cold calling, working leads, and building relationship both internally and externally and by supporting sales professionals and customers achieve value and succeeding in their business, I moved on to getting a degree in Media and Marketing. With a focus on online marketing. I gained experience in Planning, organising and launching sales and marketing and events for customers and external partners by supporting the sales and marketing organisation with sales/marketing related activities.

My entrepreneurial journey began when I moved to Amsterdam 5 years ago. I wanted to merge my sales and marketing experience with my background in education. Building and running a coaching and training business enabled me to just that.

Grab your copy of The Career Pivot Planner 2020 a coaching and planning guide. Use this planner to help you understand step by step, what you need to be doing day by day to get the career you want.

My clients come to me when they need help gaining clarity around their career and next step, with breaking strategic goals into actionable steps we also working on designing a Personal Career Brand. I help them with the entire interview process and as a result, they leave my programs with clarity, confidence and a renewed courage.

When I'm not working on helping my colleagues develop their skills, you will find me working my creative side as an amateur photographer and continually learning and improving my personal and professional skills.