Brian Lambert

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I help sales, business unit leaders, HR leaders, and training teams implement, and optimize initiatives that reduce the friction caused by changing business strategies driven by the executive team. I specialize in helping cross-functional teams overcome the complexity found in changing the customer experience. I work in a variety of different industries as an HR enablement architect -- deploying, and optimizing ongoing programs and projects that help front-line knowledge workers like sales leaders and teams unlearn old habits while sustaining ongoing efforts to develop and reinforce new behaviors required. I typically work with executives in learning, talent, and HR to effectively execute changing go-to-market strategies and improve sales performance, especially when the sales model needs to change to adapt to new buying behaviors. As a thought leader with over 15 years in sales, learning, and sales management, I often operate at the friction points between the business and HR functions as they work together to enable human capital -- especially at the point of sale where companies struggle to communicate value differently.

Previous client work has focused on:

1. Developing the right human capital strategy to support the changing business strategy

2. Creating a definition of excellence required for each of the key roles involved in communicating value

3. Enabling the recruitment, hiring, and on-boarding of new people that meet these standards of excellence, no matter where they sit in the selling system or regardless of the sales methodology

4. Developing current employees, like sales professionals, to evolve to standards of excellence more quickly

5. Creating, managing, and refining the reinforcement strategy to prevent lapses into old behaviors

6. Communicating across product, marketing, and sales functions to work together to solve the complex challenges related to improving sales conversations and filling the sales funnel