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“Everything looks great on paper until people get involved… That’s where we come in”
~ Growth & Associates’ motto

I am the founder and president of Growth & Associates, a community of experts that specializes in helping companies transform the way they work to drive greater revenue, efficiency, and growth. My personal area of expertise is in linking strategy to execution through the most critical of resources: the organization’s people. I consistently help leaders solve large, complex problems – especially around the topics of building systems that increase revenue and operational efficiency, guiding sustainable and healthy change, and creating genuine leadership cultures. I strongly believe that if you can maximize how people work, the possible results are unlimited.

Customers who have been/are being supported by Growth & Associates include, but are not limited to:
- HP
- Symantec
- Starbucks
- Walmart
- Microsoft
- PetSmart
- Standard Bank
- AstraZeneca
- Shell

As a researcher, author, and emerging thought leader in sales enablement, my expertise and enthusiasm have taken me to Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East as both consultant and keynote speaker. I was honored to be recognized as one of the Top 40 Sales Influencers on Twitter globally and my most recent book, The Power of Problems, is available as a free download at now.

Specialties: Speaking, consulting, writing, and training

Note: If you are a sales person, and you contact me without mentioning the word "pumpkin," I will automatically delete any message you send me because I know you haven't even taken the time to look at my LinkedIn profile in preparation for contacting me.