The Revenue Enablement Society is proud to welcome you to the 2024 Experience Conference. The urgency is NOW. We are in the trenches, in the thick of it, on the front lines, where the rubber meets the road. It has never been more critical for Revenue professionals to drive outcomes, demonstrate worth, and #proveit

Why #proveit?

Why is our conference theme, #proveit? In today's business climate, many companies are cutting back enablement teams or relegating them to mere "order takers." At the #proveit RES Experience Conference, we are dedicated to reversing this trend by empowering enablement professionals to transform themselves into indispensable strategic advisors and talent developers.

The RES Experience Conference focuses on equipping you with the tools and insights needed to demonstrate your value effectively to senior leadership. Through expert-led sessions and hands-on workshops, you'll learn actionable skills to showcase your impact on sales performance and drive revenue growth. Our 5 conference tracks set you up for success. We’ll discuss selling your initiatives to senior leadership with: 

  1. Alignment with Business Objectives

  2. ROI and Value Proposition

  3. Competitive Advantage (of working within adult learning theory)

  4. Resource Allocation and Budgeting

  5. Success Metrics (how to meaningfully leverage them)

Join us and become the catalyst for change within your organization. It's time to prove your mettle and reclaim your role as a vital partner in your company's success. Join us for this valuable opportunity to elevate your career and establish your worth!

What’s different in 2024?

Step up and seize the moment! Enough with the passive consumption of thought leadership, webinars, and mentoring. It's time to dive into the arena with your peers, ready to roll up your sleeves and wield your pen. This is your chance to workshop solutions, leaving with actionable ideas that drive real outcomes. Every session is laser-focused on elevating your practice, providing frameworks and discussions that ignite transformation. This isn't a conference for idle hands or phone scrolling – you'll be fully engaged, actively participating, and ready to demonstrate your commitment to success.

Why Attend? WIIFM?

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Invest in Your Future: Transform Your Role and Secure Your Career

As an enablement professional facing increasing pressure and budget cuts, you might wonder why you should attend the RES Experience conference. The answer is simple: your career and the future of your role depend on it.

At the RES Experience Conference, you'll gain invaluable insights from industry leaders who have successfully navigated these challenges. You'll learn how to effectively demonstrate your strategic value, ensuring that senior leadership sees you as essential to the organization's success. We’ll help you change gears from an order taker to a strategic team member. Our expert-led sessions and interactive workshops, delivered by some of the most successful enablement professionals in the nation, will provide you with actionable strategies to drive sales performance and revenue growth for the short and long term.

By investing in this conference, you're investing in your professional development. You'll return with the confidence and tools needed to secure your position, influence key decision-makers, and advance your career by increasing the value you bring to your company. The connections you make and the knowledge you gain will pay dividends long after the conference ends.

Don't let your role be diminished. Take this opportunity to demonstrate your worth and invest in your future and that of your company. Join us at RES Experience and transform your professional trajectory; it’s time to #proveit!

Hands-On Workshops Led by Experts

Experience the power of practical learning at the RES Experience 2024, where 80% of the conference is dedicated to workshop-based sessions. These hands-on workshops are led by industry experts who will guide you from problem identification to actionable solutions. Gain the skills and insights needed to tackle real-world challenges and drive success in your organization.

Connect with Industry Experts

In the ever-evolving field of enablement, having a reliable network of experts is crucial. At the RES Experience 2024, you'll have the opportunity to engage with top professionals who are leading the way in sales enablement. Learn from their proven strategies, gain valuable insights, and build connections that will support your ongoing growth and success.

Explore the Best of Chicago Optional Fun Night!

Beyond the conference, enjoy an optional night of adventure as Chicago #proveit as the best city in America. From its renowned culinary scene to iconic landmarks, discover why Chicago is the perfect place to combine professional development with unforgettable experiences. Select from several curated experiences to cap off the conference!


Are you an active practitioner, research analyst, or academic? Then this is the moment you have been waiting for: the 2024 Revenue Enablement Society Experience Conference CALL FOR SPEAKERS is now OPEN!

Be a contributor to the largest #enablement conference – October 22-24 in Chicago, IL. This year's theme is "#proveit: MEET THE MOMENT”. Join us as we celebrate enablement professionals as science-backed learning and behavior change experts.

SUBMIT YOUR IDEAS by July 8th – share your thought leadership and be part of this unique experience!

Become a Sponsor!

As a sponsor, you'll not only gain significant exposure but also embed yourself within the very fabric of our community. As the largest event in our profession, your exposure reaches deeper. Attend classes alongside practitioners, network at breakout sessions, meals, and workshops to forge bonds that transcend mere business transactions, laying the groundwork for trust and enduring partnerships.

As an RES Experience sponsor, we are committed to partnering with you to unlock the full potential of your brand and ROI including:

  • Lead Generation: Capture high-quality leads and expand customer base, engaging with existing customers.
  • Brand Amplification: Elevate brand awareness among industry leaders and influencers.
  • Product Launch: Announce innovations to a captive audience of decision-makers, accelerating results.
  • Market Exploration: Discover new markets within the global community, shaping the future of sales enablement through thought leadership.
  • Networking: Connect with enablement leaders, forging valuable connections to drive tangible outcomes and business growth.

For more information contact: Craig French & Gail Behun at