Enableship Program

Bringing greater diversity and inclusion to the field of Enablement

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What is Enableship?

A persistent program to source, train and place underrepresented candidates in entry-level enablement roles.

The Goal

Democratization of opportunity through learning and mentorship.

The Program

Provide underrepresented jobseekers with the technical skills and qualifications to begin a career in enablement.

The Players

SV Academy: Recruitment, training, and coaching

Sales Enablement Society: Industry engagement and content validation

Founding Partners: Seismic, Introhive and Outreach 

The Impact

✓ $22 Million in wage expansion

✓ 1,100 candidates placed over next 3 years

How It Works

Applicants are supported throughout their journey.

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  1. A structured learning journey to obtain key knowledge and skills.
  2. Apprenticeship or direct hire placement in an entry-level position.
  3. Ongoing mentorship, learning opportunities and access to a network community after full-time placement.


Join us! We offer four ways to engage:

  • Underwriter of the program 
  • Hiring Partner of our graduates
  • Scholarship Partner sponsoring graduates
  • Volunteer Partner providing expertise to candidates.

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Start your career in Enablement. Contact us to learn more about this exciting opportunity. We’re dedicated to providing full education and support to help you succeed in the growing field of Enablement.

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Enableship Program

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